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O AltoTech is small Estonian company, which is focused on the technical surveillance and video surveillance systems design, installation and maintenance. In addition, we also give security consultations.


All our staff have long-term professional experience in security areas in banks, security companies G4S (Falck) and in the criminal police. Our staff constantly taking part in regular training, they will visit various international seminars and trade fairs - and everything in order to offer our customers the best.


O AltoTech install and use only high quality and certified security devices.VDS has a majority of those admitted. Basically, we install the General Electrics of the group of brands, such as Security Interlogix , Aritech , Iseco . We have the experience of other market brands such as the installation of the DSC, Panasonic, Bosch, Sanyo and others. We do not have large stocks, which are formed in each customer personalized prices.


Your reply to inquiry, we operatively and flexibly. We serve 24 / 7 - we'll call you in at night or during holidays, and we find the solution to the problem together. We do not take a lot of time, but we try to make maximum properly ettevetut and flexible and always taking into account the client!

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AltoTech O

Kadaka tee 72A

12618, Tallinn



corporate registry no.


KMKR nr EE101071789


tel (+372) 6502950

fax (+372) 6502951




I have twenty years of experience in law enforcement official and in one of the largest bank in Estonia. This allows to provide to you the best service.


Villu Teder


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